About Us

STAX was launched in April 2018 during a very difficult moment in my life. I unexpectedly lost my job while my wife (a stay at home mom!) was pregnant with our third child. We had a decision to make. Would she go back to work? Would I begin a job search? In what field? Do I go back to school? Do we start our own business? We chose the latter. It was a risk to invest all of our savings and time into something that at first was bringing no income but with my wife's support, we survived, pushed through and created STAX.

Sock and ties are the staple of a well dressed man. A suit will usually be black, blue, or another neutral color. The colors added wearing a tie and fashionable socks really put on a more complete, modern, stylish and unique look. We design all of our socks and ties in house. From the design, to the patterns, to the exact colors selected in our products, we do our best to create something unique, cool and polished. We hope you enjoy wearing our products as much as we enjoy making them!

When I started this business, my dream was to make a single sale. We have by far surpassed that goal and hope to continue our growth and expand our business in order to make more jobs for those around us that are in need. That is our vision and purpose here at STAX.

You might’ve thought that you are purchasing a pair of socks, a tie, or maybe even one of our SOCKS’n’TIES sets. In reality, your purchase makes it possible for us to move closer towards our dream. Thank you for taking a part in our story.

Make sure to share your experience with our products by posting on social media and tagging us as well as reviewing our products on our site. That really helps us out!